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of the book and what should be on this list. >> roberta shaffer, the less but you have on here is 2,002. >> we kind of decided to put the cuffs on it. before really going to be looking at books that shaped america we have to give them an opportunity to prove their worth . this is an organic endeavor by a library of congress. we intend to keep looking at books the keep shaping american. we talk about a decade is a good place to stop. since we're in 2012, let's stop at 2,002 in keep revisiting. >> to of the later books that you have it here. >> yes. of course a huge influence. we talked about that earlier. really raising the consciousness of of that terrible disease.
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cesar chavez, of course, a leading voice of farmworkers, but really a leading voice of america. >> roberta shaffer, these books in the exhibit. where did best sellers? >> many were best sellers and actually, many of them continue to be. many of them have been translated and carried american ideals across the world. >> a lot to ask you about one other specific book. >> of course emily dickinson is a must have an american poet. the particular book that we have here in the show is an art book. it's done by a cooperative in cuba. they reproduced a book of poetry and made a facsimile of her house and of little tree. it is made of recycled materials . emily dickinson, of course, is a phenomenal public, but we really
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didn't know about her or discover her until the mid-1950s when we finally were in will to the reader palms and love her palms unedited and in the way she had meant. >> it was doing the editing. >> as professional editors like to take their pen and make you could for. for amelie of all people that was an awful construction >> roberta shaffer, associate librarian of the library of congress. "books that shaped america." first and independence avenue in washington d.c. right across the nation's capital. the library of congress will have an exhibit, getting your input on books that you think help shape america. stop by and record your thoughts >> criticisms of the obama administration and a touch of the current state of the country she speaks of the women's national republican club in new
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york city for about nine or. >> monica crowley is the host of political foreign affairs analyst for the fox news channel . the most of the nationally syndicated radio program the market rarely show. she also has been a regular panelist on the mclaughlin group she shares -- served as foreign policy assistant to former president rick -- richard nixon from 1990 until his death in 1994 and wrote two best sellers about her experiences. it makes them off the record ang in winter. she is also written for the new yorker, the "wall street journal", the los angeles times, newsweek, and the new york post.
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a member of the council on foreign relations, she has lectured at yale university, columbia and mit. she holds two master's degrees and a doctorate from columbia university. so we have to our, you dr. monica. in a recent interview with news maxed on her new book "what the (bleep) just happened", the happy warrior astride to the great american comeback. monica said, and michael, president obama is redistributing everything that makes america great, not just, but also our military power, our cultural appeal, our borders, and our very exceptional some.
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monica is one of the most brilliant and savvy young women of our dinner. most importantly, with all her many achievements monica crowley is a great american patriarch. it's my pleasure to introduce to all of you this monica crowley. [applause] >> with an introduction. i think i have to take you with me everywhere i go. thank you very much. that was very kind and very generous of you. thank you so much for hosting tonight. it means the world to me that all of you came out tonight. and know how busy everybody's lives are. the fact he took some time out tonight to celebrate my new book and meet with me tonight means the world to me.
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let me start with the title of my book which, as you know, is called "what the (bleep) just happened". i must say to my original working title for the book, the original title that i was thinking was 50 shades of obama. i thought better of it. i just can't picture them introducing a new book. and i saw the elgin sales numbers. the fact that she has and the someone, two, three, and for. the real story of the tunnel, the story of the quicken all relate to, last summer i went out to dinner with one of my
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best girlfriends. she and i were having a great time. we started talking about the last couple of years than the president obama. and we started going through this long list of leftist incendy, insane constitutional abuse and social engineering that he was engaging in in every sector, not just of the american economy, but of american life. and we must spend a good 30 minutes on this list just bouncing off each other one thing after another from the biggest of like obamacare to the smaller things, although with sparkle, there are no small things, but things that we forgot about like the fact he told the world exactly how many nuclear weapons we have. and in case you're wondering,
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5,113. i have that in the book because he sent hillary clinton out to disclose that formerly top-secret highly classified piece of commission. so we were going through one thing after another, and it was exhausting if not exhaustive. and by the end, but 30 minutes into it and pushed back and said , what the bleep just happen . i used a little more colorful word. because i wanted this book to be a family like a family tv show and decided to a use the word bleeped and allow you to supply your own, for. it was a really serious question, even though she and i kind of google that the part about it. everybody kind of giggled. it was a serious, serious question.
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it was a serious question since the fall of 2008 when first a financial crisis at hand it took the bottom out of the financial sector and then it spread into a broader economic crisis. and once president obama was elected and took office again, as i said, we had been subjected almost every single day to a piece of absolute insanity from this of ministration. so when i say "what the (bleep) just happened," they're so much that goes into that question. what happened to america? , was saying to somebody the other day to margaret in the 1970's and 80's. some of you grew up in those tickets as well or earlier relator. it was always this incredible sense of american optimism. the musical -- the music was happy. the culture was happy. even though we did -- there were
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things that were problematic in the culture, but the overall narrative, the story of america was positive and upbeat. you felt that in your various means that this country was exceptional, this country would allow you to do whatever you want to do. this country would not stop you from dreaming and doing whatever you want to do. and grew up with that sense of optimism. every day was a sunny day in america, even when it was pouring down rain. will he experience over the last couple of years has been a grand step of that sense of optimism. has been a robbery, in large part by our own leaders of that sense of optimism and the very essence of american exceptional some "what the (bleep) just happened". what happened to our
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constitution which seems to get ravaged a daily basis. just look at what he's done over the last two weeks. at some point i have to put my manuscript to bed and allow harpercollins to publish it, but i could keep writing for a long time. in fact, being the hyper achiever i am, actually wrote two books instead of one. i produced a 600 page manuscript which i had to get down to are readable size so would not put all of you to sleep. the reason it was a long to begin with was that, as i was doing my research, oh, i forgot about that. that's too crazy to leave out. would write it up and would go in the book. i forgot about that. that's too crazy to leave out. before and knew it and over six and the pages of material from this in the past three years. what happened to our constitution.
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again, does look at what he's done in the past two weeks. his move on illegal immigration to a violation of the constitution, a violation of the coequal branches of government, the gist of unilaterally deciding to pick and choose which lost to a force which once you will. that's not a constitutional republic. that's a banana republic. last week invoking executive privilege of the fast and furious documents to protect his current attorney general, another bit of constitutional abuse. so you can't even keep up with all of the madness that has come out of this ministration. so what happened to our constitution, what happened to our economy, the traditional brocket path of economic growth. america has always been so famous. yes, even when we experienced a great depression or recession we always knew that there would be
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short and temporary and that we came back we would come roaring back. $16 trillion in debt, no nation on the face of the earth has ever amassed that much debt. no nation honors. 100% debt to gdp ratio right now . socialized medicine in the united states of america. what is that about care so as it about writing the book to it ocd ronnie touched on this because this was one of the central arguments. as i started to write ipod, well, of course obama is redistributing wealth here tell he is a socialist. in fact, i have a section in the
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book called this a socialist is a big fat liar. i was on with neil cavuto last week. he said to me, come on. look at this title. cassette, tell me what part of that is inaccurate. he is skinny. he goes on the secret burger runs, but he's not taking any rate. he's a socialist. he's lied to the american people day in and day out. prime example, will cut the deficit in half and my first term we all know how that turned out. he inherited a for under $50 billion annual deficit. he has quadrupled the. every year he's been in office he has run between 13 and $17 trillion annual deficit . added five to international debt and just three years. to give it to see -- this white.
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it took in three years at 5 trillion. for the first 216 years of the republic that is how much to a weaker from george washington through the first 216 years of this republic as i was developing the central arguments for the book, it occurred to me that he is not just redistributing wealth your home, although he is absolutely doing and. the way he is done it is by attacking the four core pillars of the u.s. economy, the industrial base, the financial sector, the energy sector, and the health care sector. those are the four pillars that a pull the entire u.s. economy, and they're all in to related to everything else. from day number-one he is very
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methodically in deliberately gone about taking them those poems because there were built on the free market principles of capitalism and remaking them as massive redistributive schemes. he's been more successful in some areas than others. of see what the supreme court as on thursday with obamacare. i hope the court feels it's grossly unconstitutional. he went about it and systematic way. think about it this one. any other american president would be flipping his lid over a commitment to matane% of a point. because for any president to many politicians of employment and a high unemployment rate is the most politically toxic element you can face. people are out of work. the entire economy falters.
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this man with eight to nine, 10 percent unemployment never broke a sweat. still dozen, even as its threatening his very real action. you must ask yourself why. why is he not particularly worried about high unemployment? why is he not particularly worried about anemic economic growth? the answer is, this is dubious, and this is what he has set out to do from the beginning. a set the bill will rise the last week, well, his economic policies have failed, and this could cost of the election. i said, yes, to normal americans and those of us who are suffering got here in the obama economy, absolutely he has failed and absolutely these redistributive or socialist policies, whether you want to call it to have failed.
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to have this has been a wild success. -- in the book a have a name for the democrats, the modern democratic party. i call them the kooks. i wanted to a delineate between what we are doing with here is needed to the credit party grope with. harry truman, jfk. this is not their fathers are grandfathers democratic party. a trace the lives of what i call the kooks to 1968. and my friend quebec, be on the show on wednesday, but he's a great work in tracing it back to woodrow wilson, franklin roosevelt. there were progressive. there were socialists, left-wing. the label doesn't even matter. there were not able to really overtake their party and some
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1968. in 68 in my opinion, the last truly pro-american democratic presidential ticket. after that the coup to cover the democratic party. the takeover. what you see is a lot of formally to the credit intellectuals like jeanne kirkpatrick, norman, david horowitz. you see them leave the democratic party because the kooks of taken over. and what broke it was there opposition from the vietnam war. the democratic intellectuals a responsible mainstream democrats said were fighting in against communism. this is a war principal. they did more to your and they took over the party. from that point they started nominating people for the
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presidency. walter mondale, al gore, john kerry. they could never win. the only time the democrats did not put up a troop of one, bill clinton. he was kooky in other ways, but when it came to ideology he was a relatively mainstream to crack . he was a pragmatist, a political animal. he wants to win in thrive in office more than anything else. he was willing to compromise, head of the to the credit council which is now extinct because there are no more moderates. but the democrats did put up a kooky actually one. but it would give up. and so they continue to put up to look after kucan continued to lose because we are a center-right nation . they found the perfect marriage of men in mission and barack
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obama. a young, hip, by racial cool guy who invoked jfk with a glamorous life in the two beautiful young children. a guy who spoke with the silver tongue. they finally had their savior, and they knew it. he was, as i call him in the book of the big kahuna. so when they grab the brass ring and won election in 2008 he went to town on the agenda. and they understood that the only had a very brief window of opportunity to get this redistribution scheme. at two years before the next cycle of elections in 2010. but archer will happen in 2010, so they moved with all deliberate speed and at the big majorities in congress. think about what they did. the coming to office, see the
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economy falling apart. the american people are screaming for jobs, screaming for economic growth. helpless. were dying of here. home foreclosures. what did they do? well, obama said, go right a stimulus bill. i don't care what's in it. the stimulus, nearly a trillion dollars was a political act. it was all about transfer payments to local communities and states to keep their government sector union rules from being enriched, from wing of government workers. that's what the stimulus is about. in fact, for all of their talk about infrastructure in how we have to build roads and invests in america, do you know what the percentage was of that nearly trillion dollars of went into infrastructure, 6%.
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the rest of it, keeping those government perils going. so they go into that, "through a trillion dollars. like a said, because it was a political act and not an economic pact of course it didn't do anything for the economy. it did something for them politically, but it did do anything for the economy. it stimulated nothing but demint which was exactly the point. and once they do that in the first five weeks or so, six weeks they washed their hands of it. a work here on the economy is done. are going to let the stimulus work its magic, and now we're going to turn our attention to health care. income of the american people screaming for jobs, suffering. home port closures, no economic growth. the take this country off a cliff for the next 18 months on health care.
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what has been driving me crazy about this, i've seen learned people scratching their heads going, i don't understand. he spent all of this time on health care. when you look at the history of socialist countries the very first thing they do is lock down health care. if the government controls your health care the government controls you. if the government, as i say in the book is in your arrival and your ear canal and to fund this the government controls you. that's what it did the first. that's why they spend so much time on a. of the same time the industrial base with the on about, and never going to get paid back for about $23 billion. forget it. writing off. in every i see your money can.
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of course the energy sector. they tried capet trade. they got it through. they could get through the senate because a enough of them came from coal-producing states. they put a block on a. what is the constitutional abuse is going to do? goes around the congress, through his cpa and starts cracking down on small businesses, large businesses, businesses of every size. every imaginable regulation you can imagine, from farm dust to mountain top call removal. it was so insane and unconstitutional. of course the war on fossil fuel which is taken full force and used the bp oil spill as a massive pretext for. his redistributionists' scheme
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into every major pillar of this economy, and the point always was, to wrap the redistribution is killing tentacles around those trying to strangle the u.s. economy, to straggle out the life of the free-market system. put it all in the hands of the government. essentially a command economy. he's been able to have an enormous success in doing that. he has been doing so much more than just redistributing the wealth here now. his scheme is much more profound and much larger in scale i read a lot about foreign policy. we saw the muslim brotherhood take over the presidency in egypt and the parliament in egypt. i remember being on the:00 and a group c-span2 last year when mubarak was still in power and
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the american president was helping to overthrow an american ally. and i remember saying, if this thing goes down the muslim brotherhood is stepping in like that. eleanor and some others laughed in my face. they said, this is glorious. it is glorious. of a glorious arab spring. the muslim brotherhood, a sworn enemy of the united states, a sworn enemy of the state of israel has been waiting 80 years for this moment as i said that a year-and-a-half ago, and they're not going to blow it. the same thing holds true for barack obama and the kooks. they have been waiting tickets for this moment to remake every aspect of the u.s. economy, and is serving were not going to blow it, and they didn't. again, redistributing, not just our wealth, but everything that makes america great.
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our economic energy, our political strength, our military power, or borders. look at what he just last week with the illegal immigration move. that is the perfect example of what i'm talking about. on illegal immigration, yeah, we talk about how it will help him politically, past and gusty, getting on the way to a permanent democratic voting majority which is also one of the big objectives, but if you want to really tell the american exception wasn't you open up the borders into flood zone. that's what he has been doing, flooding the zone. that gets to my bigger seen about diluting our very exceptional isn't. robber when he was asked about american exceptional as mendes said, well, yakima short. and he said this abroad. i believe in american exceptional as of the way that the british police and british exception was a and with the
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greeks believed agree conceptualism. up the way an american president should be answering that question. and yet he came out of the very anti-american radical views growing gap. his ideological mentor was frank marshall davis who was one of the nation's most prominent communists in the 1950's. it was -- he studied under him from the time he was little block. so he has been steeped in this ideology and sort of this idea that america should be remade and that america should be taken down a notch for two or ten in the world, and he intended to do it. boy, has he done it. some people have asked me about the socialist label, and i get into a description of socialism in the book and what it really means, but i use it as shorthand for government directed
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redistribution is. he has gone about this in such a methodical way that there is no other way except to say that this is deliberate. has been driving me crazy when i see smart people said, gosh, you know, to stop it. i don't understand why he won't compromise with the republicans for why he won't talk to the center like bill clinton did. i don't get it. what is he thinking? not a big mystery here, guys. it has never been a big mystery. he is never made a mystery of who he is and what he believes and what he is intended to do. in fact, i have a "in the book from the rev. al sharpton. every once in awhile a member of the organized crime syndicate known as the far left will blurt out the truth. rev. al sharpton went on in as nbc in 2010 and said, and i
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quote, it is absolutely true, there is no doubt that the american people overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they elected president obama. so the kooks see it. they get it. but they get hearted american people who elected this man did not want to see it or refuse to see it. even to this state we see in some of the polls, well, i like him. i'm not sure about on the. he has played on that could this, played on that american willingness to believe the best, certainly about their president. he has used that and leveraged it brilliantly so i laid out the case and then i lay of against obama. i put together the entire obama
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domestic policy record with the entire foreign-policy record. you can see it all, and i have to say, when you see all of the evidence amassed in one place it is devastating, devastating. i write about egypt, the muslim brotherhood, why president obama is celebrating today that the muslim brotherhood is taking over egypt and in large part the rest of the middle east. this is a man who helped to overthrow of one, but to solid american allies. at the time obama moved against them he was one of our most solid allies, producing enormous amounts of intelligence operating in libya in the broader middle east. of course, was taken out. meanwhile, regimes that are enemies of the united states by
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karen to me as nothing to say about the revolt by the iranian people against that terrorist regime in 2009. could not even spare a word of moral support, never mind material support. you see the same thing happening in syria, although now guess what, the moslem brotherhood is preparing to take over. mark my words. i can tell you what happens. now that the brother had is at least equipped to take over control, you will see president obama, secretary of state clinton began to move on syria. maybe take a little military action, maybe have turkey initiate a response to my take out. guess what, the glorious rebels that we have so romanticized in the west will take over. in egypt, libya, and watch in
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syria. the entire middle east is falling to the islamists, and you have to read my book to find out why. i argue the president is more than thrilled with that outcome. in fact, he had to top muslim brotherhood guys at the white house six or eight weeks ago. incredible. i don't know about you, but one of the things i wanted to get across in this book was a sense of that american optimism that we have been so rub up over the last few years. i am just sick and tired of being sick and tired. i am sick and tired of having our leaders run this country down while they run up the debt to the point where we're going to be so crippled we will be able to project american power anywhere in the world. and i'm so tired of being depressed and full of despair
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and watching all of you, watching my friends to my fellow americans be depressed and downtrodden and thinking america's lost and will never get her back again. to that i say, hell no. that is not what we are about. that is not with the american people are about. we don't just pack it in a given up. it was fun while it lasted. a good time. we produced madonna. it was good for a while. now it's gone. the chinese will dominate, and that's the way it goes. we are not that. we are not that kind of people we have been number one for a long time because of our very exceptional as a cop because we are kind and generous people, because we are not just a great power, we are good power. we are not just a superpower, we
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are a force for good in the world. and so i wrote the whole last section of the book which is with the subtitle gets too, the happy warrior sky to the great american comeback because i wanted to finish on a note of optimism and hopeful this about the united states. we will put up with this anymore. we don't have to sit back and take it. we have the power to change it. i read in the book, it is often considered conventional wisdom that the founding fathers gave us three branches of government, the executive, legislative, got help us, and the judiciary, also got help us. but i argue that actually the founding fathers gave us four branches of government and its cordray up to their still fourth branch to turn this around .
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but gives me hope about this bill my old boss spoke about the great silent majority. the vast majority of the normal americans who were just hard-working people who formed the heart and soul of this nation. and what i did in this book is update that concept. what gives me hope is every single time the american people have had a chance to go to the polls they have chosen to reject this path of state is a and european socialism and move to try to get the country back on
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track toward its foundational principles of limited government , fiscal responsibility, and economic freedom. 2009, the first braces after he is elected, republicans elected in new jersey. new jersey. new jersey. [applause] and virginia. 2010. massachusetts senate. ted kennedy. ted kennedy's old senate seat goes to a republican, scott brown. 2010, congressional races, and the republican sweep. control of the house slips to republicans. 2012, wisconsin, governor scott walker holds on to his seat. hold on to his seat pile whopping seven points in a state where progressivism was founded. wisconsin, a place where government sector unions were
11:24 am
founded. the american people are speaking with their vote, and it is a resounding, a resounding rejection of a obama's kind of redistribution is an unstated some. final point on this, we have to do this as happy warriors. nobody loves president reagan more than i do. i became a conservative because when i was young and developing my political values reagan was president, and i remember being in fifth grade or sixth grade and thinking, y'all. what he's saying is absolutely right. of course i was so young at the time that i did not know why he was right. it was just something instinctive with me. and then as i grew up, has : college i understood why he was right. nobody respects and admires president reagan more than i do. i had a great chance to meet him. he was brilliant and adorable and funny and one of our best
11:25 am
presidents. but he served 30 years ago. what we need to do now is take his positive embrace of conservatism and updated for the 21st century. the same principles updated for the 21st century. on the left barack obama did this in 2008. this is how he was able to smash the clinton brand and smashed the republican brand because he took a sense of optimism, that electric smile, the idea of hope and change which was just ambiguous enough that everybody kind of supplied their own meaning to it. a lot of us thought, oh, good. open change would get rid of george w. bush or would get this economy going again or first black president. hope and change was his way of breen optimism to his fight, to his ideology.
11:26 am
we all know it's an ideology that is destroying the country, but he was able to sell it because he did it with a smile, and he did it as a happy warrior for his costs. he can no longer do that this time. his record is so bad that he's going to run as scorched-earth campaign against governor romney because he has a choice, and he's going to be completely 100 percent negative. this gives cover romney and all of us a huge opening to be the happy warriors. we got to understand, happy warriors believe that america can be safe and that she is worth saving, and were going to it's going to be hard, to require a lot of sacrifice because the kooks and not going to go down without a fight. we saw that in wisconsin. we have to persevere, and it's going to be painful.
11:27 am
look at what's happening in western europe after decades of socialism. it's wrenching, and it's going to be wrenching here. but the key is to understand that we are in a war here how, but the other key is to be happy and to undertake this mission with joy in our hearts and confidence in america and in our journey to take a back. thank you so much. [applause] >> wonderful as usual. could you line up behind the mike for question and answer? thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you.
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>> 2008. >> i'm sorry. say it again. >> romney, he has risen fairly early. what to you think, however -- more importantly, his campaign, i guess what on driving at, does he have it? >> i'm not sure that cover romney has a lee atwater, but he has a lot of very good advisers around him. i've got to know a couple of them, and they're really smart people. but even if you are surrounded by smart people and you're kind of a defense of the candidate, you're not going to win. governor romney is incredibly brilliant. you see some times when he speaks, he speaks chilly fast.
11:29 am
sometimes i want to say to have been a slowdown. you're talking so quickly, which is something i often do. you're trying to get it all out. the reason he is talking so fast because his brain is moving so much faster than his mouth. he is incredibly brilliant which, by the way, is a huge asset. of course you want your presence to be brilliant, but think of it this way. the kooks and the obama campaign cannot paint cover romney as a doofus. remember, they try to paint reagan is a doofus, george of the bush, sarah palin, dan quayle. that's one thing they cannot to with governor romney because they know it's not true. it was not true with everybody else either. governor romney is somebody who is so serious in tone and style and intellect and mission that they can't do that. the other thing that gives me hope. let me just finish.
11:30 am
the other thing that really encourages me about governor romney is that he is a political colored. he is not john mccain, god love him, and i respect mccain some much. he is not bob dole, and is not george h. w. bush. i love and respect the mall. i voted for all of them. .. he will run and do everything he can to win the office.
11:31 am
he's not afraid of barack obama, he's not afraid of their team. and the over that encouragings me is that the romney campaign now is starting to community organizers out community organization the community organizers. >> they aring buses now to respectfully heckle obama and the surrogate. they didn't now what to do. the king of community organizing in chicago, he was the sort of master of modern someday astrotrur of. he didn't know what to do. they're not used to it when you hold up a mirror to that. they don't know how to handle it. they don't know what to do. they full apart. and team romney is getting really gooded at it and his ability to take out the other side in debate, if you have watched previous debates with romney he is master at this. he's brilliant, he's on point
11:32 am
and doesn't take any gruff and doesn't allow the other side to get my points on him. i'm a lot more optimist about the candidate and ability to take it to the other side than i was last time. [applause] [inaudible] thank you so much for being such a powerful role model in the conservative media. you tell it like it is to all of america. i'm proud of you as a conservative woman. thank you for coming today. thank you so much. [applause] this is my question that i've been thinking about all afternoon. that's why i wrote it con. you spoke about the muslim brotherhood taking over in egypt, possibly moving on to syria and taking on there, taking power there. apparently, according to -- [inaudible] the muslim brotherhood is active and powerful at the highest
11:33 am
level of our government in the united states. so i wanted to know what you thought about this. do you think that [inaudible] will become popular in this country. will [inaudible] and how are we going warn america about this? >> there are a lot 6 people doing extraordinary work on this question. my good friend frank. [applause] keith emson, robert spencer, daniel pipe. these are all people doing heroic work on the subject. it is true that the muslim brotherhood and other islam i guesses have made very serious inroad to the government and in to our society. remember, there are can a couple of different forms of jihad. we think of the obvious one and the e jernt one it's al qaeda, hezbollah, but to me the more serious threat is the the longer
11:34 am
strange threat of what robert spencer calls the self-jihad. that's the muslim brotherhood and other organizations that get in under the radar and through dem gracious, they get in and demand more and more rights. they start amounterring the constitution, the laws, very fabric of your society. they've done it to create a effective in western europe. i don't know if any of you have been recently to weern europe, great britain, germany, france, it doesn't -- it looks like what they call [inaudible] it no longer looking like western europe. the solve earn country between the e.u. and the influx of the muslim population they don't look like sovereign countries anymore. the threat is here in the united states. the muslim brotherhood, you're absolutely right, as i mentioned two top mb.
11:35 am
president bush in the second term goon make the mistake and start doing the outreach to muslim brotherhood and other islamists groups bringing them inspect the fbi, cia, white house. so the infull traition has been going on for quite awhile. it's serious business. we need a president who is going to be able to take this on and not worry about the political correctness. the reason -- one the huge reasons we're in the mess because president bush and president obama for slightly different reasons, the political correctness aspect has driven a lot of it. we're doing muslim voted reach. it's not a war against islam. we need a president and leadership here who can identify who is the enemy, cho who is the threat how we're going to deal with it. bill oh o rely asked mr. president is the muslim
11:36 am
brotherhood a threat to the united states? they are a sworn enemy of the united states. there's a lot of talk about how they renounced violence. that's a temporary measure until they get power. watch what they do in egypt when they have power. if you're a christian in egypt you better your bags and get out now this is curtains for you. so when bill asked ron paul that ask he tap danced. he didn't answer it directly. of course the muslim brotherhood is a direct threat to the united states. my view of governor romney and i've heard him talk about this on several occasions is that even though he hasn't gone in to it in a lot of details, the i think stijts are absolutely right. we have to hope. look he's going to be a ton times better than barack obama in a million different ways, but we have to hope that once he gets in, he will try to root out
11:37 am
root and branch the islamists that have been infected the federal federal government in so many ways. , i mean, we see it it here in new york city with the best court terrorism department apart from the fbi and the cia. we have it here and you see how the left is trying to take it apart. you see how groups care which is an associated front group how they try to attack it. we need leadership in the country. thank god for police commissioner in new york who stood up to them. [applause] and seen it for what it is. we need a president from top down, unafraid of political correctness and driven by the desire to protect and preserve the united states because this is a threat, this is a our threat is not constitution is not built for. it's funny, every time i interview vice president cheney or secretary rums field, people who were running the war, i ask them that same question over and over again.
11:38 am
is this a threat a religious-based threat that's coming in under the radar seeking to destroy us from within. is the constitution build for this? and none of them can really answer it. they have struggled with it. and don't think that the enemy doesn't know it. so we need a president -- my instinct is that romney's i think stingts on this are excellent. i hope he has the political courage to see it through. that's why he needs backup from all of us. [applause] >> hi. [inaudible] like a broken piece of glass. we have rich against poor, black against white, so many things. you have a luxury, and i call it a luxury of being -- [inaudible] who i remember when he campaigned brick us together was the slogan. he wasn't afraid to do certain maybe liberal-type things. i'm speaking of richard nixon, for those who didn't remember
11:39 am
that such is the program which he wassen soundly criticized. do you think that the governor romney can bring us together and how would he do it? >> i think he can bring us together. i think he already has. he does have the vir char of an opponent that spent his presidency quiting us. as you said. along class lines and race lines, gender lines, the war on women. because the cooks need the division. they need america dwoided in order to conquer it. the koo,s need us pitted against each other. they have been successful in doing this. i think when it comes to governor romney as a conservative and most of us are conservatives in this room, is he our conservative dream vote date to the big dance? no. probably not. but is he exactly the right man at exactly the right moment
11:40 am
given the economic meltdown we're in? i think so. i really do think so. and i've known him for a couple of years. i can tell you he's a man of incredible, professional, and personal integrity. he's a brilliant guy, as i mentioned before. and i really think in his hands america can come back. pause he is a creature of the private sector. spent his whole life except for the one term in massachusetts as a private sector. as a turn around artist, what more could we need? we need a turn around artist compared to barack obama whom i have quoted in the book spent a brief time in the private sector. and he once referred to it as quote, spy behind enemy lines." that's what he thinks of the private sector. in order to turn it around you need somebody who lived and thrived in the private sector. created hundreds of thousand of
11:41 am
jobs. i think romney can bring us together. it's tough when you have a may be extreme implead that is so invested in the other side and invested in promoting the other side and their candidate and the idea. it's does gusting. when you have a major cable news networking, not my own, which doctored a tape last week of the republican issue presidential nominee to make him look bad so they could laugh at him. disgusting. but this is what we're up against here. and i do think this romney, this gets to my earlier point about him being a political killer. he doesn't much care. i also think he has this center right nation ready to go with him. okay. [applause] >> i have a two-part question about voter id. what do you think of the justice department attempt to use the voting right the acts to go after voter id.
11:42 am
secondly, i'm all politics -- i'm in pennsylvania. what do you think about in voter id in pennsylvania. it's a contribution to hopefully electing romney. >> right. voter id. i think it's disgusting the way this holder justice department has used it as a weapon. it tells me that the kookst cannot get elected without voter fraud. they can't get elected on the basis of their idea or principles or policies. they can only get elected when dead bodies are voting, when the black panthers are stationed outside with bobby sticks to threaten other voters. they can't get elected in a clean election. they have do do everything including outrageous use of the justice department. it's suppressing minorities to vote is gross. especially hypocritical when you
11:43 am
want to enter a barack obama event or if you enter a justice department event at which the black attorney general is speaking, you need to show, guess what? a photoid. and the idea that the most sacred part of our republican, the most sacred part of our democracy voting is open to such wide spread fraud makes me physically sick. there's a great group out there called the true the vote. true the you should check out. they're a little do group but trying to did it nationwide cracking down on voter fraud. what our government will not do under our regime. we need to do it ourself. [applause] two-part question. >> okay. two quick questions. number one, if you were advising romney who would be your selection for vice president? number two, was the announce with the health care decision from the supreme court is probably going to come out at
11:44 am
6:00 on thursday. do you think that indicates they're concerned about whatever they're going to do? the announcement so late? >> let me answer the first one first. vice president, i think governor romney needs me. [applause] i think he needs a little -- i think he needs a little bad ass on that ticket, right? seriously though, i think it's -- look, what do i i know. i think it's probably down to senator rubio from florida who is dynamite, by the way. dynamite. in fact i met him for the first time at fox and his book came out the same day mine did. it was the week before. so he said monica, i'm happy to meet you. i said like wise, it's a joy to meet you. i understand you have a few book coming out. it's coming out on the same day yours is. oh no! this is disaster for me.
11:45 am
monica, i think your -- that's actually my phone. that's probably senator rubio calling for me right now. he said, monocab i think your book might do a little book than mine. i think it's hipper and funnier. i don't know about that, senator, but what i know is someday you're going to be president of the united states, i'm not sure i'm going to be. i think you trump me on that. he's young, he's dynamic, he's a conservative, he's brilliant, handsome, got a beautiful family, he's latino, and he can deliver florida. pretty much the whole package. the thing that might hold governor romney back, he is a cautious guy, even though he is a political killer, the only thing that might hold him back on rubio even though he does fantastic with the national media knows how to stick it to the left-wing, he hasn't beening on the national stage that
11:46 am
long. ic there might be a little worry not that he might blowup, there might but the inscrupted gaffe or something unforseen. so i'm not sure it's probably, you know, probably weighing that. the other one that everybody's been talking about is rob portman. senator, governor of ohio. [applause] very intelligent guy. he's been vetted already by the senator because he was george w. bush omb director. he's a budget guy. he knows the innings and outs of the numbers. this is what we need. in an economic crisis. and it can probably deliver ohio, which you can't win without ohio. the downside to him, and again, life is about trade-offs there it no perfect candidate. the downside to him he's been a -- he's a good man, a decent man and very smart. but sort of a vanilla ice cream. do you want two scoops of
11:47 am
vanilla ice cream on your ticket. especially i'm saying it close to governor romney yesterday especially if barack obama threw the hail mary and dumped joe biden and switches out with hillary clinton. those who listen to my radio show know i have been saying this for a long time about the clintons. you know that bill and hillary clinton when they go in to the polling place, both of those levers are going down for romney. [laughter] there is no question about that. i do not think hillary clinton will do it if asked. i think she will politely decline, i think in her case, she has the leverage to turn down the president of the united states, which knob else does. i think she does. i i don't think she wants any part of the administration anymore. the other key part of this, which is the big reason why i
11:48 am
think he won't dump biden, is because biden is absolutely and totally plugged in to the union. and because obama did not go in to wisconsin, and campaign for the unions and the union candidate,, the unions now are, you know, they're going to campaign for him. they're not totally invested in him in obama anymore. if he were to pull biden off the ticket, the unions would go crazy and wouldn't mobilize and get doing the grassroots in getting out the vote to the extent they would if biden was on the ticket. in terms of the romney thing, either romney or port man. or paul ryan. i could be totally wrong. could be somebody off the wall that i haven't thought of. i think he's cautious enough of to choose one of those three. and sans to the second part of your question about obamacare. i predicted on the radio show a
11:49 am
couple of days ago exactly what happened. we would arizona today and come thursday, the supreme court would take the obamacare decision like a grenade, throw it on to america, let it explode and then they go away for three months. peace out, america! here's your obacare decision, we're out of here! it probably will come in the morning on thursday, and i tend to believe the conventional wisdom they're going to kick out the mandate, strike that down and allow the rest of the law to stand to make it look like the court has integrity and not just totally political. i think the whole thing should be thrown out. i think it's unconstitutionallal and a rape of the constitution. we'll have to see if the supreme court does that. [applause] for more information, visit the author's website. i'm going tell you a
11:50 am
personal story today, and it's pemething that normally don't do,rs but this story that i'm going to tell you in large part what motivated me to write this second book, "what it is like to go to war." and one of the things i talk about in that second book is that our al churl has basicallyo got some kind of an agreement, like i call it the code of silence about what really goes on in combat. code o what really goes on when are nation asks our kids to go out and kill other kids. miami not pass fist. i think we tend to not want to think about it very much. and, you know, my family is the same as always m i was 50 years old when i found out that my father had fought it the battle of the bulling. dad, wasn't it a being deal?
11:51 am
you never asked me. i would get all kinds of stories. when they got drunk in normandye and that sort of stuff. what it is is that, you know, our cultural is very good, don't whine or brag. any combat veteran will tell yo. 95 percent of the time it'somba things to whine and complain about and 4% of the time it's to brag about. that doesn't leave you very much. one of the things i was hoping to do with the book is start blacking that down a little bit.tartre a little personal history so yon know, my -- i grew up in a small town in oregon called seaside oregon. and back when i grew up, i think virtually all the fathers had a been in world world war ii, and we called it the service backld then. that's when your uncle was inal the service.
11:52 am
and i think again our culture is starting to make a change. i don't hear the service anymore. i hear it called the military.e i think that's an interesting swerve in language that is happening. we should think about that. i got a scholarship to yale and blasted out of the county, and joined the marines because, youe know, that was sort of the thing do in guys in my high school bec football team join the marines.. i wanted to be like them. and i joined something called plc program. it's like a marine rotc. they don't pay you. you get run through boot camp in the summer and the people thatar survive that goin to college as reservist. you don't get paid. you get to be a marine. that sounds like a good deal.n' but we didn't have to weararin uniforms or march around during college.ea and then i got a rhodesch aro scholarship and i thought i wouldn't be able to go.oa i wrote a letter to the marine corps. and they said that'saith
11:53 am
fine, take it. s there six weeks and ii wa t started to feel guilty, guys i u served with and trained with ana kids fromre my own high school l been over there. there i am drinking beer and having a wonderful time with the girls and i starting to feel i s hiding when five guys from my high school had been killed. i went to the war, we were stationed in the jungling in tha mountains why the dmz meets the border eventually the executive office of the company and finally after i got shot a couple of times they figured an he's too stupid or brash or unlucky. so they put me in the backseat of spotter planes. that's where the air medals camo from. how did you get air medals youa were ican the infan industry. i wrote this book what it is like to go war for several
11:54 am
reasons, the audience was young people who are considering making the military a career.g i want to reach them. i don't want any romantics joining the, you know, the united states military or armedd forces. i want people to join it with a clear heads and clear ice abouta what they're gr oing to be gettg in to. and i also wrote it for veterans because i had to struggle with a lot of thicks.e ifo i thought, well with if i can struggle with the things andtrug gate little bit clarity somebodo reading it might be helped. it to write it for the w general public and the policyub makers i'll get in to the speech it's very important a to understand that we are involved. very deeply in our wars but we tend to think we're not. i opened the book with a quote from bismarck and one of my favorite quotes when and he said any fool can learn from their my own mistakes.s. i prefer to learn from other
11:55 am
peoples' mistakes.efer and i thought, if i can put some of the mistakes i learned the hard way, maybe someone else would do it. and here's where i launch in to the story. we were on an assault, and going up a steep hill, and by this time it had broken down toby thi chaos. you have the plans but as everybody will tell you as soon as the first shot is fired it goes poof. the way it gets down is 18-year-old allege 189-year-old t hore out the objective and they figure out how to get that. h two hand grenades came from flying off the top of the hill. i gotex knocked out. when i came to, i was a mess. but i was functioning. we threw two grenades back. boom boom.l two more grenades came flying out from the top of the hole above us. we were scrambling uphill.
11:56 am
we threw two back.el and the lieutenant figures out we have two grenades left. it's not smart.guretha i told the two guys with me, guy next time you throw them, i'mti going to be around the side and i'll be in a position to shoot the guys when they have to stand up to throw the grenades at us. and i work my way around the side of the hill. and i could see that one of thee soldiers was already dead. and the other one was, you know, just like us, he was a kid. late teens, and he rose to throw the grenade, and our eyes locked. this is a very unusual thing in combat. you generally don't ever really lock eyes with the people your about to kill.n't e he was no further away than the third or fourth row here. i was whispering i would i could speak vietnam ease.
11:57 am
if i you don't throw it i won't trll the trigger. he snarled and threw it. i pulled the trigger. and at that moment, i didn't feel a thing. in fact, i remember being slightly shit grinned because e about had anticipated the recoil it bucked a little bit. drill sergeants kick you in the rear for bucking your shot. it hit the dirt slightly in front of him. and went in to in. hi the battle is still going on, of course. yearsa later, probably about ten years later, i was in one of the california sort of groups that i had had, you remember ease lon and all the california stuffse about getting in touch with your feelings. no. one had heard of ptsd. we were totally unaware of itard pane, you know, i was the typical sort of guy that was there trying to get in touch myl feelings.orf
11:58 am
my wife had brought me there. so, you know, finally the leader turns on me and said well, you know, i said understand you were in the vietnam war, yeah. and she said, well, how do you feel about that? i said -- [laughter] y a typical answer. and so she said, well, why don't we start talking about it. and she asked me to apologize to the kid i shot. and i'm game, i said okay, i'llt do that. and i started to think about i thatsa kid, and, you know, the o had a mother and a sister ort whatever. and i started to cry. and i started to bawl, i started crying so hard that my ribs ached. i couldn't stop for about threes days. it was literally threeo t daysi couldn't stop crying. go to work and i just have to suck it up. people start to talk to me and i had to leave. i have to go outside and walk around. i macked to shove it down
11:59 am
again. you know, i deal with this. i have five kids to raise.wn at that time i had only a couple. and fine, everything is cool again, you know. about 1990, i'm driving down i5 about 2:00 in the morning and again this is a wonderfuln th veteran thing.nd you're all by yourself. you have a bubble of dash board in front of you and country music on the radio.n fr and knob can touch you.adio you're trying to get somewhere.y and these a two eyes appear on e wind shield in front of me.n i'm noton crazy, but karl, you have to deal with this. you can watch this and other programs line at during the national book festival next weekend on the national mall, lots of ways of contacting song of the call in authors. you can call in, you can e-mail, you can tweet, you can san diego tout. go to

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